It doesn’t take a genius to tell us that it is getting rather cold now; you can see your breath when you step outside, those thermal mid layers are being dusted down, and the need for a hand warmer has risen. Especially for us golfers, it's starting to become of paramount importance for us to have a brew to warm our hands on during the first tee. In conjunction to these sub-zero temperatures, it seems the most appropriate time to discuss gilets VS jackets. Everyone will be wearing at least one of these golfing heavyweights, but which one will help the most with the temperature drops?


Gilets were originally used for aesthetic purposes, embodying style rather than amplifying warmth but as technology has further developed, it has been embedded into clothing, providing a more functional use for the customer.

A men’s golf gilet or ladies golf gilet would be classed as the lighter of the two heavyweights. Made from lighter materials and sleeveless, gilets are used as just an extra layer to keep the golfer warm. People like gilets as they are less restrictive and do not disrupt your swing.

The all-new Island Green quilted hybrid Gilet with insulated technology to the front and back panels will ensure maximum warmth at all times!

The synthetic fibre insulation technology delivers very good warmth-to-weight performance - the windproof fibre insulator outer fabric shuts out the cold wind and boosts the insulation performance. Complete with its brushed back, stretch fleece, and waist adjustable pull cord at its sides, it is a great combination for those colder days when you don't want to wear a heavy jacket but need extra warmth without the restriction of movement.

So, if you want to feel light and subsequently warm, a gilet is your answer.


The most popular winter golf clothing is a jacket. These have been tailored to keep you warm on the course and keep you protected from the sharp conditions of winter. There’s no doubt that a golf jacket is more popular than a gilet which is why it is the real heavyweight of winter clothing.

There are so many different jackets out there but choosing the right one is another story. Make sure to check the description of the jacket to see the technological properties.

It is due to this need for true protection that the team at Island Green have introduced their light padded men’s waterproof golf jacket collection. Made with thermal balancing properties, these jackets provide warmth in colder weather conditions, and likewise, cooler in warmer conditions, perfect for the ever-changing weather conditions on the course.

With their light padding and windproof properties, you can be rest assured that cold chills and winds will be kept away. The zip & lock system, ensures the jacket's zip puller locks into place which prevents movement when taking your shot and allows for maximum mobility and no restrictions to your swing, while the jacket's breathability and moisture wicking features keep your body dry whilst on the greens.

We have designed this jacket with practicality and style in mind, and have included a contrasting full zip on the front, contrasting zips on the front hand pockets, funnel neck and quilted design, to keep you looking stylish both on and off the course.

A jacket is going to guarantee you warmth on the course so if that is what you want, then your answer is there. As well as looking good, a gilet will also be keeping you warm on the course. So, in answer to the topic, gilets vs jackets, we think that both are as good as each other and it ultimately comes down to your own preference.

Here at Island Green Golf, we like to dive deep into all things golf related and we are proud to say that we create comfortable, stylish, and practical golf clothing that will serve you well, regardless of your gender. Check out our full ranges of men’s golf clothing and ladies’ golf clothing today.

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