Island Green: Meet our Ambassadors

Island Green: Meet our Ambassadors

Here at Island Green we are keen on growing our team of ambassadors as we want to be there with them when they grow, succeed and develop as golfers. Our diverse field of golfers and golf personalities is progressing and we thought it'd be nice for you to meet them:

Gary Wolstenholme

Turning Pro at 47 years old, Gary served as a successful amateur for the majority of his career. At 49, Gary won the EuroPro Tour, shooting an exceptional 63 to beat people half his age. Gary established himself as a regular Walker Cup player, winning 4 times out of 6 appearances. He's been fortunate enough to play against many American stars, including a famous victory over one of the best in the game, Tiger Woods.

Gary has been playing golf for over 30 years and has definitely deserved the title of one of the best amateur golfers in the world. We are honoured to have Gary as one of our long serving ambassadors here at Island Green.

David Shacklady

David is a veteran of the Island Green team and has succeeded in many competitions since joining. David has won the European Senior Tour three times and is competing on the tour this year. In 2018, David won the Russian Open Golf Championship, came first in the Sinclair Invitational and The Paris Legends Championship in 2019. He has won a number of PGA events and has started his 2021 year with two victories.

We look forward to seeing how David does in the upcoming season.

Georgia Oboh

One of our newest members to the team is 20 year old Georgia Oboh. Georgia is a British-born Nigerian and is currently competing on the Ladies European Tour (LET). Georgia has a busy year ahead, competing all over the world and is in the hope to qualify for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Georgia is a promising young golfer, with the goal of being the No.1 female professional golfer in the world! We look forward to seeing what she has in store this year.

Elizabeth Mallett

We are proud to have Elizabeth (Liz) Mallett on our team. Liz is a professional golfer and is actively competing on the LET. At university level, Liz competed across the United States at Regional and National level for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. On top of this, Liz has been a multi-time English Girls Champion, European Girls Champion and an England Girls and Ladies International Team Member.

Elizabeth is working hard with an ambition in mind to play on the LPGA Tour and be a part of the winning Solheim Cup Team!

Lee Whittaker

Lee is our first ever YouTube golfer. Playing off a handicap of 9, Lee's YouTube videos gives you club and equipment reviews from an amateur golfer's perspective and does golf course vlogs. Along side this he is documenting his journey to becoming a scratch golfer. Take a look at Lee's You Tube channel here .

 Daniela Darquea

We are pleased to have the only Ecuadorian player on the LPGA Tour on our team. Daniela is an active player on the LPGA Tour and is proving herself to be a bandit. 2020 consisted of 8 events played, 5 cuts made and 4 of those being top-10 finishes including two third-place performances.

Daniela has only been on the tour for 4 years and is proving herself to be a promising player and we are very excited to see what Daniela has in store for us all.

Jason Dransfield

We have a field of successful PGA Professionals representing Island Green and what better way to start it off talking about Cheshire County Captain Jason Dransfield. 

Jason was the winner of the 2020 Cheshire & North Wales Matchplay Tournament and featured in 7 top-10 finishes in 2020 and has already made 2 top-10s in 2021.

Jason is in a great position to continue a great run and we look forward to following him this season.

Rachael Goodall

Rachael Goodall is a Ladies European Tour player, member of Justin Rose's Rose Ladies Series and partner of Cheshire County Captain Jason Dransfield. Rachael is competing all over Europe this season, wearing the Island Green badge with pride.

Rachael has 3 wins under her belt so far and is actively seeking for more. With a strong start to the 2021 season, we are looking forward to seeing how Rachael does.

Garry Houston

Garry is another one of our PGA Professionals who was the winner of the 2020 PGA Cheshire and North Wales Open and has competed on the European Tour for over a decade. Garry is currently travelling the globe, caddying for Danish Professional and 2018 Ryder Cup Captain Thomas Bjorn. Because he is caddying for Bjorn, Garry is not planning on competing much in the 2021 season but is keen to take the Island Green badge around the world with him.

Michael Ramsden

Michael finished third place in the Regional Order of Merit 2020. Based at Renishaw Park Golf Club in South Yorkshire, Michael has won substantial competitions such as the Leeds Cup in 2017 and has represented England and PGA Team Championships.

Michael will be competing in an abundance of competitions across the country this year and we have no doubt that he will perform well once again.

Andrew Palmer

Andrew was the Runner up in the Regional Order of Merit 2020 & 2019. Now Head Professional at Chorley Golf Club, Andrew will not be competing this year but is stocking Island Green in his shop. Additional to his Order of Merit success, Andrew has won the North Region Championship in 2019 and has competed in the Welsh Open in 2020 at Celtic Manor on the European Tour.

Nick Poppleton

Nick is our newest ambassador and has kick started the 2021 Season playing 5 competitions, winning 3 and finishing in the top-5 in the rest. From these results, it is evident that Nick is a very promising and talented golfer. 

Nick is competing on the 2020 Pro Tour, the first ever mixed gender open tour. We love following Nick on social media and we cannot wait to hear how he does for the remainder of the season.

We are proud to have such a strong field of players and golfing personalities and are looking forward to seeing how they all do this season.

If you feel that you would be a suitable candidate to be one of Island Green's ambassadors then please click here for more information.


May 20, 2021 — Louis Ambert
Stress Awareness Month: How golf can help.

Stress Awareness Month: How golf can help.

April is focused on raising awareness about the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic. Millions of us around the UK are experiencing high levels of stress and it can be damaging to our health. Stress is one of the great public health challenges of our time, but it still isn't being taken as seriously as physical health concerns. As we all know, golf is a great way to escape the stresses of your work, of college, of university and any other aspect of life. Not only should we talk about the importance of stress awareness but we should also promote the benefits of playing golf in order to reduce stress. Island Green want you to look into how you can improve your stress levels particularly through the game of golf and to spread the word of stress awareness and how we can combat it

Grab some fresh air and take in the surroundings:

Golf is a fantastic way to get away from what's bothering you; ecotherapy (the ability to exercise outdoors) can be applied to golf. Being in a rural and pleasant landscape such as a golf course is proven to increase self-esteem and release endorphins which are responsible for producing feels of euphoria and a general state of well-being.

A social sport:

Golf is a sport that promotes sociability. It gives you the chance to meet friends, make new friends and enhance relationships. All of this will allow you to avoid feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) found that positive interpersonal interactions are important factors to improve a person's mental health problems. Subsequently, interacting with others outdoors is reported to reduce stress levels by keeping blood pressure at neutral, making you feel relaxed.

Goal Setting:

In all aspects of life, setting goals is a great way to stay motivated and focused. The same can be applied to golf. Let's say you want to drop your handicap by 2 shots; this is your goal. You're going to have to play and practice in order to drop these 2 shots. This means more golf and as we learnt earlier, more golf means less stress overall.

In setting a goal, you are giving yourself smaller goals to eventually reach your main aim. This will keep you focused and every time you hit one of these small targets you are going to feel good about yourself. You've achieved something and that will want to make you achieve more.


Exercise in general has been a crucial part to reducing stress; the feeling of getting fitter also releases endorphins, making you feel a sense of fulfilment. Although golf is seen as a moderate form of exercise, if you break down the data, the average 18 - hole round of golf is above 10,000 steps and 5 miles. This is important to take into consideration as the NHS recommends at least 150 minutes of activity a week. This is easily achieved in a single round of golf!

These are all just a few of many reasons why golf is proven to reduce stress and improve your mental health overall. Please take these pointers away, share the message and get yourself out on the golf course!

April 22, 2021 — Louis Ambert
A guide on what to pack for your next UK golf holiday

A guide on what to pack for your next UK golf holiday

The days are passing on and restrictions are slowly being lifted. Golf courses have already re-opened and we can go back tearing it up. Global travel is yet to be allowed but that doesn't mean we can't go on holiday. Why not start now and plan your next UK based golf holiday? We are here to give you a guide on what to pack for your next golfing getaway.

The perfect guide on what to wear for your next UK golf holiday:

Global holidays will not be reviewed until 12th April, which means we will be staying in the UK till at least then. But why wait till then to go on holiday. As many of you know, there are a vast number of golf resorts in the UK that are the perfect spot for a long golfing weekend: Celtic Manor Resort, Old Course Hotel Golf Resort, Trump Turnberry, St. Mellion International Resort, the list goes on...

To help you get into the holiday spirit we've listed a few essentials that you may need for your next getaway.

A golf top layer will be the perfect addition to your suitcase; now remember we are still in the UK and that means it may not all be high temperatures and glaring sunshine so it will be better to be safe than to be sorry. Not only will a golf top layer keep you warm while you play but with the correct one, you will keep dry from the unpredictable weather.

Island Green have introduced for you the Men's Ribbed Yoke Top Layer. Designed from 2-way stretch fleece fabrics, this will provide added comfort and ease of movement, ideal for comfortable and fashionable attire for on AND off the course.

This top layer has been designed to a high standard from breathable, flexible materials that have moisture wicking properties, providing you overall with the latest technology and fabrics, allowing you to perform feeling unrestricted and protected from the ever changing elements on the course.

Now, most of the time on a golf holiday, you golf in the day and go out, 'wine and dine' in the evening. This means that you will want to pack some clothing that isn't golf related. But then you have the issue of having less space in your suitcase! Well lets solve this issue and introduce you to a golf sweater. Not only can you wear these on the course but you can also look fashionable off the course in a nice golf sweater. Here are some examples below:

A fine knit 1/4 zip neck sweater is a very popular item on and off the course. Island Green's 1/4 zip's are made from luxury supersoft acrylic, giving a cashmere-feel. These golf sweaters feature ribbed cuffs and hems, with semi-fitted sleeves, providing a snug fit.

Now for you ladies, we have the perfect sweater for you which again, you can wear on AND off the course. Our ladies supersoft fine knit crew neck sweaters are made from luxury supersoft acrylic. This sweater provides you overall with the latest technology and fabrics allowing you to perform, feeling unrestricted and protected from the ever changing elements on the course. 

These are just a couple of items that will be essential in your suitcase for your UK golfing holiday! Let's all stay positive, enjoy the game, and bring on summer!

March 31, 2021 — Louis Ambert
Our guide to getting you back onto the golf course!

Our guide to getting you back onto the golf course!

All of us golf fanatics will be delighted to know that the courses will be re-opening in just 6 days! In less than a week, we will be able to jump back on and do what we do the best!

After prime minister Boris Johnson set out his roadmap to start easing the nation out of restrictions last month, the group said meetings had focused on the “sport’s readiness to open up after what has been a very wet winter that followed six months of intense use for many courses

While golf’s return will bring a welcome boost to the sector, it is important that players have an appreciation of the level of work going on behind the scenes to make courses playable, against an incredibly challenging backdrop. The greenkeepers of your golf course have done a very good job of keeping your course in its best condition, ready for you to get back on. The current lockdown has coincided with the period when greenkeepers would normally protect and prepare greens ready for the coming year. So now we know your course will be in the best condition for when you return, lets discuss what clothing you will want to help your game.

We are currently going through that transitional phase from Winter to Spring: the sun is beginning to stay out but it is certainly not the time for t-shirt weather. So, what sort of clothing is going to be best for you this Spring?

Surely a bit of knitwear will be the most appropriate of layers to balance the Winter to Spring weather conditions. Island Green have introduced the Men's and Ladies Supersoft Fine knitwear range, just in time for Spring. Made from luxury supersoft acrylic, these sweaters will give you a snug cashmere-feel.

Island Green have designed this sweater with a regular fit giving you a fantastic quality garment with outstanding value. These knitwear golf tops provide you overall with the latest technology and fabrics allowing you to perform, feeling unrestricted and protected from the ever-changing elements out on the course. What a great way to start your rounds come April.

But some days, especially in the UK, you’re going to need more than just a sweater. So, let’s discuss top layers.

Island Green have introduced the Men's Ribbed Yoke Half Zip Top Layer. Designed from 2-way stretch fleece fabrics, these top layers will bring added comfort and ease of movement to your game. This top is just ideal for comfortable and fashionable attire not only for the golf course.

Island Green have designed this top to a high standard made from breathable, flexible materials that have moisture wicking properties, providing you overall with the latest technology and fabrics allowing you to perform, feeling unrestricted and protected from the ever-changing elements out on the course. So even on those Baltic days, the temperatures will be the least of your worries.

We hope this brief guide will give you an idea of what you need on the golf course to sustain the Spring conditions. We cannot wait to see you all back on the golf course.

March 23, 2021 — Louis Ambert
The Big Debate: Golf Hoodies. Yes or No?

The Big Debate: Golf Hoodies. Yes or No?

A lot of sports around the world have developed and improved massively throughout the past 10 years. Technology has soared through the air, increasing spectatorism by a huge margin and bringing in a brand-new global economy. But golf has managed to sustain its historical culture in terms of etiquette and the use of technology in competition. But like the seasons themselves, there is one thing within the golfing world which will inevitably ring in the changes regularly over the years: fashion.

The internet, media and clubs themselves boast an unwritten list of rules ensuring that you always turn up to the course suitably dressed. It is one of the few sports in which function and form can marry together perfectly, and players around the world never fail to take advantage of the freedom and creativity permitted for anyone stepping out and playing. However, this does not mean that you turn up in jeans and a football shirt. There is still an etiquette to follow. But is this etiquette now being tested. In 2021 especially, we will see a wave of new trends for men’s and ladies golf fashion, the most prominent being the permission to now wear golf hoodies on the course.

Wearing hoodies is a staple that has been seen on runways and in fashion magazines, celebrated for being ultra-comfortable, versatile and a great way to add a little warmth. But is golf ready to embrace the hooded sweatshirt?

Now instantly I think of two restraints in people being allowed to wear hoodies in golf: number 1 is the simple fact that the hood may impair your golf swing. This is a chance, but hearing from the likes of Tyrell Hatton, he says that it does not impact your swing at all, if anything, it makes you feel more comfortable on the course. Number 2 is that a lot of golf club members, mainly in the demographic of 50+ are fixed to the idea of wanting to sustain the historical, traditional fashion codes of conduct on and around the course and tend to not be acceptant to change. This could rustle a few feathers at your local golf club but wearing hoodies on the course is not illegal.

But in contrast, for far too long, golf has been in the business of telling people what they can’t do, what they can’t say, what they can’t wear. If you truly love this game and want to grow this game, inclusion is the best way to do that. There’s also the simple fact that hoodies look cool on the golf course, so long as the hood doesn’t impact your swing, which is a legitimate concern. Assuming it doesn’t, there’s something icy about an all-black hoodie and a pair of slim-fitting athleisure pants. This is actually my preferred golf outfit—it’s comfortable, it’s sharp, and it’s distinctly un-golfey. The professionals on tour, Mcllroy, Thomas and Hatton have all worn hoodies in competition and all swear by it. So, from this point of view, go ahead and get yourself a golf hoodie.

Speaking of hoodies, Island Green have introduced the brand-new Men’s Performance Golf Hoodie. This thermal hoodie offers a high level of breathability while you play your best game out on the course.

March 17, 2021 — Louis Ambert
Winter golf clothing

Jackets vs Gilet - Which of these winter golf clothing heavyweights will help you with the temperature swing?

It doesn’t take a genius to tell us that it is getting rather cold now; you can see your breath when you step outside, those thermal mid layers are being dusted down, and the need for a hand warmer has risen. Especially for us golfers, it's starting to become of paramount importance for us to have a brew to warm our hands on during the first tee. In conjunction to these sub-zero temperatures, it seems the most appropriate time to discuss gilets VS jackets. Everyone will be wearing at least one of these golfing heavyweights, but which one will help the most with the temperature drops?


Gilets were originally used for aesthetic purposes, embodying style rather than amplifying warmth but as technology has further developed, it has been embedded into clothing, providing a more functional use for the customer.

A men’s golf gilet or ladies golf gilet would be classed as the lighter of the two heavyweights. Made from lighter materials and sleeveless, gilets are used as just an extra layer to keep the golfer warm. People like gilets as they are less restrictive and do not disrupt your swing.

The all-new Island Green quilted hybrid Gilet with insulated technology to the front and back panels will ensure maximum warmth at all times!

The synthetic fibre insulation technology delivers very good warmth-to-weight performance - the windproof fibre insulator outer fabric shuts out the cold wind and boosts the insulation performance. Complete with its brushed back, stretch fleece, and waist adjustable pull cord at its sides, it is a great combination for those colder days when you don't want to wear a heavy jacket but need extra warmth without the restriction of movement.

So, if you want to feel light and subsequently warm, a gilet is your answer.


The most popular winter golf clothing is a jacket. These have been tailored to keep you warm on the course and keep you protected from the sharp conditions of winter. There’s no doubt that a golf jacket is more popular than a gilet which is why it is the real heavyweight of winter clothing.

There are so many different jackets out there but choosing the right one is another story. Make sure to check the description of the jacket to see the technological properties.

It is due to this need for true protection that the team at Island Green have introduced their light padded men’s waterproof golf jacket collection. Made with thermal balancing properties, these jackets provide warmth in colder weather conditions, and likewise, cooler in warmer conditions, perfect for the ever-changing weather conditions on the course.

With their light padding and windproof properties, you can be rest assured that cold chills and winds will be kept away. The zip & lock system, ensures the jacket's zip puller locks into place which prevents movement when taking your shot and allows for maximum mobility and no restrictions to your swing, while the jacket's breathability and moisture wicking features keep your body dry whilst on the greens.

We have designed this jacket with practicality and style in mind, and have included a contrasting full zip on the front, contrasting zips on the front hand pockets, funnel neck and quilted design, to keep you looking stylish both on and off the course.

A jacket is going to guarantee you warmth on the course so if that is what you want, then your answer is there. As well as looking good, a gilet will also be keeping you warm on the course. So, in answer to the topic, gilets vs jackets, we think that both are as good as each other and it ultimately comes down to your own preference.

Here at Island Green Golf, we like to dive deep into all things golf related and we are proud to say that we create comfortable, stylish, and practical golf clothing that will serve you well, regardless of your gender. Check out our full ranges of men’s golf clothing and ladies’ golf clothing today.

December 22, 2020 — Louis Ambert
Our guide to Men’s winter golf clothing and how it will help your handicap this winter

Our guide to Men’s winter golf clothing and how it will help your handicap this winter

A popular topic of discussion is the recent introduction of the World Handicap System back in early November. The system has been designed to welcome more golfers, to make the game easier to understand, and to give all players a portable handicap that adjusts according to the course they play. For some people, this means their handicap has dropped significantly, and for others, their handicap has increased by a couple of shots. This raises issues within the golfing community that some people are cautious about not playing to their reviewed handicap. In contrast, some people are frustrated about having to get their handicap back down to their original. In this article, we will discuss the issues surrounding your handicap and how men’s winter golf clothing contributes to this...

The importance of men’s winter golf clothing

Now, let’s throw the frosty, Baltic winter conditions in the mix and your aim to drop your handicap has now been hindered. This is where we have to now think of ways to jump over this hurdle and achieve your goal.

Believe it or not, the clothes you wear will affect your performance on the course. The primary factor affecting your game is your own input and the volume of training you put in. But moving down the ladder, the type of clothing you wear and the quality of the gear is the next factor that can affect your game in the winter. Let’s take a look at men’s winter golf clothing…

Top to bottom clothing

Starting with headwear; the last thing you want is frosty ears and a numb head, so a knitted beanie hat is going to keep you cosy in the Antarctic conditions of the golf course. Here at Island Green, we have created the cosy and stylish knitted beanie hat. With the Island Green logo embroidered on the front of the hat, this pull on hat will keep you toasty against the colder weather conditions and help you stay focused in order to achieve a lower handicap.

Keeping yourself warm is going to be key in optimising fluidity and range of movement in your swing. If you are not wearing the correct men’s winter golf clothing, you will be cold and being cold seizes up your body and restricts movement. Restricted movement will mean you can’t swing as efficiently which will then potentially detriment your golf game.

The correct thermal jacket will help you keep warm in cold weather conditions, allowing you to play with comfort. The team at Island Green have engineered their thermal golf jackets utilising cutting edge fabric technologies which combine perfect harmony to provide a garment perfectly suited to golfers of all age and abilities.

Why you need men’s winter golf trousers

Now you have your top half sorted, we can move on to your bottom half. An all-weather trouser will have you covered throughout the whole year. They’ll keep you warm in the cool, and cool in the warm. The same principle goes with the top half; the correct trouser will enable you to play without worrying about the winter conditions.

Island Green’s men’s winter golf trousers are not only stylish, but are also water repellent, wind proof, thermally engineered, and breathable. For such an affordable price, it’d be rude to not take up this offer.

This straightforward guide is going to help you keep warm on the golf course, keep your swing flowing, aid you in tearing up the golf course and push you to get your handicap back on track.

December 18, 2020 — Louis Ambert
Golf christmas gifts

5 ladies golf accessories for your Christmas shopping list

It’s getting to that time of year again... The radio is playing Christmas songs, the Christmas trees are making an appearance, and the John Lewis advert has arrived. You may have made a promise to yourself not to leave Christmas gift shopping to the last minute, but what do you buy for the golf players in your life? This is why we are here to help you golf enthusiasts!

Island Green Golf has got the best stocking fillers and golf Christmas gifts for you to treat your wife, daughter, sister, or girlfriend this December. Our range of ladies golf accessories are the perfect gift for those women in your life. Keep reading our latest blog to find out more about our ladies golf accessories.

Golf fleece lined mittens

Us golf players know that your hands can get pretty chilly out on the green so protection for your hands is essential! Here at Island Green, we have designed these practical fleece lined mittens.

Practical and stylish, these gloves are perfect for those cold days on the course, with its thermal properties and separate thumb space, to keep you warm and comfortable. The Island Green logo is embroidered to the top of the glove and the wrist is elasticated for added comfort. For use on and off the course, this is classed as a must for your golf Christmas gifts.

Knitted stripe bobble hat

What better way to get in the December spirit by investing in a bobble hat.

The team at Island Green have created the cosy and practical knitted striped beanie hat. Designed with thermal properties in its inner fleece lining, this beanie ensures warmth and comfort while out on the course on those chilly days, and features the on-trend mixed colour pom-pom with stripes. This is the ideal ladies golf accessory for any female golfers.


If you are stuck for ideas on golf Christmas gifts, look no further.

What can go wrong with an assorted pack of socks? We have designed the ladies ankle golf sock that comes in a pack of 3 assorted colours. This classic low-cut sock, has been manufactured in a soft smooth feel cotton mix material, which makes them comfortable and breathable. Designed with knitted-in branding and logo to the back heel, these socks feature on-trend contrast toe detail for added style.


As you well know, Britain’s winter weather can stay for the whole year and for us golfers, this is not the most practical. But in order to optimise our experience on the golf course, why not look into a golf umbrella?

We have designed the perfect golf umbrella! With its 62" double layer with vent, this umbrella is made with a fiberglass frame, automatic spring opening, and rubber handle. The Island Green logo is proudly and largely printed on the umbrella and comes with an umbrella sleeve with shoulder strap to make it easier to carry around.

Perfect to seek shelter from the sun and for protection against harsh weather conditions with its metal top stop for added strength.


Another ladies golf accessory that will not only be the perfect golf Christmas gift but will also last you January to December is a simple ladies baseball cap.

Island Green have created the practical and stylish ladies curved peak cap, in a classic baseball style and made from lightweight and breathable cotton material.

With a branded embroidered logo on the front, this Island Green cap is designed to combine the latest technology and fabrics allowing you to perform, feel unrestricted, and protected from the ever-changing elements out on the course.

So, there we have it, our top 5 recommended golf Christmas gifts for you, ladies. We do hope we have given you some stocking filler inspiration this year! At Island Green Golf, we are proud to say that we have a range of ladies golf clothing, all designed with females in mind. Head over to our collections to find out more about our range.

December 08, 2020 — Louis Ambert
Ladies winter golf clothing

5 essential items of winter golf clothes for ladies

You’ve all been very patient, a whole month without golf, a whole month of not being able to tear up the course. But golf is now back again and we can all go back to doing what we do best. This is definitely a call for celebrations so in line with this, we have put together the 5 winter golf clothes for ladies that you can treat yourself to this winter.

1. Ladies winter golf jackets

Now, we wish we could show you nice polo tops and sunglasses but unfortunately, we aren’t expecting any temperatures above 10 degrees for a long while. So instead, a ladies winter golf jacket is going to kickstart your days of golf perfectly. Many other entry-level priced jackets will have been designed to make you look good but that’s going to be thrown out the window when you’re shivering out on the course.

Our lightly padded ladies golf jackets are not only stylish, but have also been lined with micro fleece panels, thermal properties, and a quilted effect body to assure that you stay warm while you are busy playing a good round.

We aren’t trying to kid you; a thermal jacket is not going to cover you when mother nature arrives in full force. This is why a ladies waterproof thermal jacket is going to be probably THE most essential item for you this winter. Not only is this going to keep you warm, but it will keep you dry on those days when the clouds open up.

2. Island Green’s thermal golf jackets

Here at Island Green, we have designed their ladies winter golf jackets to withstand the harshest weather conditions while out on the course. The garments have been created with fully waterproof fabric, combined with windproof properties, to keep the windy chills at bay and to keep you dry. The thermal balance properties in the jackets allow you to stay warm in cooler conditions, and cooler in warmer conditions.

By using fabrics which are made from breathable and lightweight material, you are left comfortable and with maximum mobility through the course of your game, and with the inner elasticated cuffs and Velcro fastening cuff staps, you are assured added comfort.

3. A ladies winter golf jacket with a difference!

If you are one for gilets rather than jackets then guess what… we still have you covered. Our Island Green ladies golf gilets contain the same properties as their jackets, just without the sleeves. The ladies contrast detail gilet has 4-way stretch fabrics for added comfort and ease of movement. The ideal garment for comfortable and fashionable attire for both on and off the golf course.

Island Green have designed this vest to a high standard made from breathable, lightweight materials that have crease resistant properties, providing you overall with the latest technology and fabrics allowing you to perform, feel unrestricted, and protected from the ever-changing elements out on the course.

4. Ladies winter golf trousers

Now we know that you are sorted on the top half, let’s move on to the bottom half. Let’s talk about ladies' winter golf trousers. An all-weather trouser will keep you going throughout the year, provided it has the correct properties to sustain all weather conditions.

This is why we have introduced the all-weather ladies dropped hem trouser. These lightweight, breathable, thermal waterproofs will allow you to play unrestricted and freely on the course. This is what we consider an essential.

5. Fleece lined mittens

To protect all areas of the body, we have designed these practical golf fleece lined mittens. Practical and stylish, these gloves are perfect for those cold days on the course, with its thermal properties and separate thumb space, to keep you warm and comfortable.

We are not sure about you, but the worst thing we could face on the course is cold hands! This feeling could top the list of the worst things to happen to you whilst playing. A good pair of fleece lined mittens is an absolute essential when out on the course.

Here at Island Green Golf, we strive to create comfortable, stylish, and practical golf clothing that will serve you both on and off the golf course, no matter your gender. Check out our full ranges of men’s golf clothing and ladies’ golf clothing today.

December 04, 2020 — Louis Ambert
What to wear golfing

A guide for beginners: what to wear golfing

You’ve just taken up golf, you want to go out and play, you rock up to the golf course in joggers and a football shirt and you’re greeted with nothing but looks of shame and disgust. Nobody wants this embarrassment, so this is why this guide is here. What to wear golfing, you ask? All you need is a polo top, some golf trousers, and a nice cap. Very simple. Let’s go into more detail.

What to wear when golfing

If you’re a beginner to the golfing world, it can be hard to know what is considered appropriate for the green. As we’ve already mentioned, joggers and a football shirt is definitely a no-go area! If you’re wondering what to wear golfing, you need to invest in some decent, good quality, golf clothing. Start by looking for a polo shirt.

When looking for polo tops, look on the product description for qualities and benefits of THAT certain top. Depending on whether you live in a warm or cool climate, you want to look for a certain kind of material as the material will affect how you feel on the course.

You want to choose a polo shirt that will keep you cool when warm and that will also let sweat evaporate and keep you dry and cool.

Trousers to wear on the green

Now, when it comes to your trousers, you can choose to wear any normal trousers but, in the rain, this will not be comfortable. Your legs will get wet and even wearing another pair of waterproofs over the top will restrict your movements on the course.

An all-weather based trouser will suit you perfectly in all conditions. All-weather golfing trousers are specially designed to be water repellant, wind proof, thermal and made from material to ensure these trousers are wearable for all series.

What to wear golfing in cold weather

So, now it comes to cold weather.

Once the temperatures have dropped and the dreaded winter elements have kicked in, polo tops and trousers will just not cut it. So, now we have to talk about what to wear while golfing in cold weather. One word applies here…thermals.

Yep, you’ve guessed it! You’ve got to keep warm while on the green in winter and there is simply no better way to do this than with thermals. When picking your thermal golf jackets or trousers, you want to ensure you are purchasing clothing that has been designed with insulation technology to shut out the coldwinds. Trust us when we say this, you’ll thank us later when you’re out in the green in the height of winter!

Tee-riffic golf clothing from Island Green

When looking for guidance on what to wear golfing, start with the very best premium golf clothing from Island Green. All of our clothing has been designed to a high standard. Our polo shirts are made from breathable, flexible materials that have moisture wicking properties, which provide the latest technology and fabrics to allow you to perform, feeling unrestricted and protected from the ever-changing elements out on the course.

Not only that, but our thermal golf jackets are made with advanced fabric technologies to help you perform at your best giving you zero restriction allowing freedom of movement. Each thermal jacket contains a fleece lining to keep you comfortable and warm through your round, a true blend of science and style.

The combination of the stretch technical fabric which helps to keep to an optimum temperature means that you're prepared for all weather conditions.

Here at Island Green Golf, your comfort and optimal performance means everything to us, which is why we’ve got the perfect range of golf clothing for you. No matter your gender or your skillset, there is something for everyone at Island Green. Head over to men’s collection and ladies’ collection to find your perfect, yet practical, golfing outfit.

December 01, 2020 — Louis Ambert
Men's golf fashion

A guide to men’s golf fashion

When it comes to men’s golf fashion there is a decision to be made: aesthetics or functionality? Do you aim to look the best while risking hypothermia or do you wrap up warm and accept that you won’t be drawing anyone’s attention? These are all questions that need to be answered when stepping out onto the course. Luckily for you, there is a range of men’s golf fashion available on the market. Keep reading our guide to men’s golf fashion and see if you learn a trick or two.

Why does men’s golf fashion matter?

Well, in all honesty, it doesn’t! But then, why does any fashion matter?

People feel better about their game and performance when they feel good about themselves. This is where men’s golf fashion items can have a big part to play. Never mind if your golfing game isn’t quite up to scratch, at least you’ll look good enough in your golfing clothes to ward off any critique.

Make sure to optimise your game

While some people will not be overly phased about looking smart on the course, many want to incorporate a little fashion as well as the promise that they do not get too hot, cold, or wet.

The perfect balance of less but effective layers is what you need to ensure your core body temperature is optimal. Even just a polo top and a mid-layer would be enough for you, provided that they contain the adequate properties. A great example of a piece of clothing that would be useful is a thermal golf jacket.

You want to source a golf jacket that has been made with thermal balancing properties. Many golf jackets are designed to provide warmth in colder weather conditions, and likewise, coolness in warmer conditions.

Looking good on the course

For the golfers who do want to look smart, colour coordination is key to looking your best on the course. Similar colour schemes work perfectly; in contrast, colours such as blue and black don’t work as effectively together.

When shopping for your men’s golf fashion, be sure to consider the colour options available to you. Many men’s golfing fashion brands have a wide range of coloured clothing that can create a sophisticated look when on and off the course.

Premium men’s golf fashion from Island Green

When looking for premium men’s golf fashion, Island Green has a range of unique colour stories which can complement each other on and off the course. Island Green’s latest men's apparel collection focuses on performance fabrics and is cut to help the golfer play their best. The new collection features subtle branding, found throughout the new range, showcasing each garment's refined qualities.

Clean colour stories, innovative fabrication, and a classic fit protects against the elements to deliver enhanced comfort in all playing conditions. Men’s golf fashion is growing and growing and this is why we are here to help you. Check our men’s collection of golf clothing today and see if you can discover a brand new golfing style.

November 30, 2020 — Louis Ambert
Golf dress code with Island Green Golf

5 clothing rules when you play golf

If you’ve just started golf, you have probably heard of the stereotypes of the traditional, ‘moody’ members and the strict rules on golf club dress code and etiquette. In order for you to avoid any unwanted complaints, the team at Island Green Golf have put together this guide on what to wear and what not to wear on the golf course. Here are our 5 rules that will ensure that you not only look the best but fit in perfectly in the golfing environment.

1. Shirts

The number one rule here is to wear polo shirts. This is the most traditional and popular item of clothing to wear on the top half. Football shirts are a big no-no, same with any other sport-related shirts. T-shirts are also frowned upon.

You have probably seen that on the pro tour that some of the players are wearing tops with no collars. This does not necessarily mean that the club you choose to play at will accept non-collared tops as each club has its own golf dress code.

So, in order to play safe, wear a polo shirt.

2. Bottoms

Because we aren’t expecting a lot of sun right now, we can forget about wearing shorts whilst on the course. So instead, any type of tailored trouser will have you covered.

Now, we are sure that you will already know this golden rule, but just to remind you: no denim jeans or shorts. Some golf courses may find it acceptable for you to wear a t-shirt but the rule of no denim has been going on for years and it looks like it's set in stone at the majority of golf clubs.

This serves as a simple reminder to always check the golf club dress code before venturing onto the green!

3. Shoes

Footwear is straightforward with golf; on the course you have to wear shoes with appropriate spikes on the base of the shoe. Hard rubber, plastic, or any other soft material spike is acceptable. Any metal spike will damage the course so this should be avoided at all costs.

Any shoes without spikes could put you at risk of slipping; not only that but the majority of golf courses will not allow this type of footwear.

When you are off the course, trainers are not permitted. This is simply because this goes against the game’s etiquette. Any other plain shoe with no white sole will be adequate.

4. Appearance

Your appearance in golf is an important part of the decorum of the game, more than any other individually played sport. Every course has a dress code and a protocol that players have to adhere to in order to help maintain the game’s traditions. Whilst women don’t have to tuck their shirts in, it is mandatory for men to tuck their shirt in order to comply with the etiquette of the game.

When it comes to summertime, golfers can choose to wear shorts. But the same applies, a polo top must be tucked into the shorts with a plain belt.

A lot of new golfers will not know the rules applied to socks: there is unwritten etiquette that requires a player to wear socks that complement the clothing. Golfers simply just have to wear plain black or grey socks or white socks when wearing shorts.

5. Headwear

Golf hats usually are not specified in a golf dress code, but certain headgear is more appropriate.

Baseball-style hats or visors, for men and women, are the most popular on a golf course. Their primary function is to help provide protection from the sun. Straw hats of many varieties and what are known as Ben Hogan caps also are permitted.

But headgear such as cowboy hats, dress fedora-style hats, beanie caps and gag hats are generally not appropriate for a golf course and are usually rejected as part of a golf club dress code.

What should you not wear when golfing?

When it comes to things you shouldn’t wear, there are a few items that are frowned upon and that are not considered as part of a golf dress code.

Don't wear denim, cargo shorts, jeans, joggers, yoga pants, or other forms of gym pants. Additionally, don't wear either your trousers or shorts too long. This is considered sloppy and is not accepted as part of the golf dress code.

Are shorts appropriate for golf?

Although, as indicated in many golf club dress codes, the wearing of shorts is allowed, you should always keep it in mind that shorts should not be too short or too tight.

Additionally, your shorts should be tailored like casual trousers and should be just above the knee.

Embracing the golf dress code with Island Green

Here at Island Green, we have a wide range of men & women’s golf clothing and accessories that fit in perfectly with a variety of golf dress codes. From polo shirts, tailored trousers, to hats and caps, we’ve got everything you need to be a shining example of your golf course’s dress code.
November 27, 2020 — Louis Ambert