With the colder winds blowing into the course, it’s the perfect time to brush up on those little handy tips to keep you warm and keep you playing during the winter season! ❄

Playing golf during this time of year can get rid of the cabin fever and make you feel better when the nights are dark and days are short and dull.

  1. Use a yellow/hi-vis ball! 
    In the snow or in the dark you probably will have great difficulty seeing or finding your regular white ball. Try out a yellow, reflective or high visibility ball so you can find it quick amongst the frost and leaves and get back on track playing the course.

  2. Get some winter wheels! 
    By getting your hands on some winter/hedgehog wheels for your caddy this will do less damage to the ground and the course but also pick up a lot less mud or snow too so it makes it easier for you to pull around.

  3. Pick out the challenging holes! 
    Ever have difficulty getting par or under on some holes during the year?
    How about trying out the more challenging holes and leaving out the rest for the round, this makes the round quicker so you can don't have to be outside in the cold as long.
    You might also be surprised what a change in weather may do to your swing!

  4. Get yourself wrapped up! 
    It goes without saying that you should be wrapped up warm during the winter months when you’re out on the course for 3 or 4 hours. Having a decent and warm outfit will make the day 100% better!
    Get out those winter playing gloves, pull on that cosy snood and make sure your base layer is under everything else.

    If you need to invest in some new winter warmers, check out our essential winter warmers here!