A lot of sports around the world have developed and improved massively throughout the past 10 years. Technology has soared through the air, increasing spectatorism by a huge margin and bringing in a brand-new global economy. But golf has managed to sustain its historical culture in terms of etiquette and the use of technology in competition. But like the seasons themselves, there is one thing within the golfing world which will inevitably ring in the changes regularly over the years: fashion.

The internet, media and clubs themselves boast an unwritten list of rules ensuring that you always turn up to the course suitably dressed. It is one of the few sports in which function and form can marry together perfectly, and players around the world never fail to take advantage of the freedom and creativity permitted for anyone stepping out and playing. However, this does not mean that you turn up in jeans and a football shirt. There is still an etiquette to follow. But is this etiquette now being tested. In 2021 especially, we will see a wave of new trends for men’s and ladies golf fashion, the most prominent being the permission to now wear golf hoodies on the course.

Wearing hoodies is a staple that has been seen on runways and in fashion magazines, celebrated for being ultra-comfortable, versatile and a great way to add a little warmth. But is golf ready to embrace the hooded sweatshirt?

Now instantly I think of two restraints in people being allowed to wear hoodies in golf: number 1 is the simple fact that the hood may impair your golf swing. This is a chance, but hearing from the likes of Tyrell Hatton, he says that it does not impact your swing at all, if anything, it makes you feel more comfortable on the course. Number 2 is that a lot of golf club members, mainly in the demographic of 50+ are fixed to the idea of wanting to sustain the historical, traditional fashion codes of conduct on and around the course and tend to not be acceptant to change. This could rustle a few feathers at your local golf club but wearing hoodies on the course is not illegal.

But in contrast, for far too long, golf has been in the business of telling people what they can’t do, what they can’t say, what they can’t wear. If you truly love this game and want to grow this game, inclusion is the best way to do that. There’s also the simple fact that hoodies look cool on the golf course, so long as the hood doesn’t impact your swing, which is a legitimate concern. Assuming it doesn’t, there’s something icy about an all-black hoodie and a pair of slim-fitting athleisure pants. This is actually my preferred golf outfit—it’s comfortable, it’s sharp, and it’s distinctly un-golfey. The professionals on tour, Mcllroy, Thomas and Hatton have all worn hoodies in competition and all swear by it. So, from this point of view, go ahead and get yourself a golf hoodie.

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