A popular topic of discussion is the recent introduction of the World Handicap System back in early November. The system has been designed to welcome more golfers, to make the game easier to understand, and to give all players a portable handicap that adjusts according to the course they play. For some people, this means their handicap has dropped significantly, and for others, their handicap has increased by a couple of shots. This raises issues within the golfing community that some people are cautious about not playing to their reviewed handicap. In contrast, some people are frustrated about having to get their handicap back down to their original. In this article, we will discuss the issues surrounding your handicap and how men’s winter golf clothing contributes to this...

The importance of men’s winter golf clothing

Now, let’s throw the frosty, Baltic winter conditions in the mix and your aim to drop your handicap has now been hindered. This is where we have to now think of ways to jump over this hurdle and achieve your goal.

Believe it or not, the clothes you wear will affect your performance on the course. The primary factor affecting your game is your own input and the volume of training you put in. But moving down the ladder, the type of clothing you wear and the quality of the gear is the next factor that can affect your game in the winter. Let’s take a look at men’s winter golf clothing…

Top to bottom clothing

Starting with headwear; the last thing you want is frosty ears and a numb head, so a knitted beanie hat is going to keep you cosy in the Antarctic conditions of the golf course. Here at Island Green, we have created the cosy and stylish knitted beanie hat. With the Island Green logo embroidered on the front of the hat, this pull on hat will keep you toasty against the colder weather conditions and help you stay focused in order to achieve a lower handicap.

Keeping yourself warm is going to be key in optimising fluidity and range of movement in your swing. If you are not wearing the correct men’s winter golf clothing, you will be cold and being cold seizes up your body and restricts movement. Restricted movement will mean you can’t swing as efficiently which will then potentially detriment your golf game.

The correct thermal jacket will help you keep warm in cold weather conditions, allowing you to play with comfort. The team at Island Green have engineered their thermal golf jackets utilising cutting edge fabric technologies which combine perfect harmony to provide a garment perfectly suited to golfers of all age and abilities.

Why you need men’s winter golf trousers

Now you have your top half sorted, we can move on to your bottom half. An all-weather trouser will have you covered throughout the whole year. They’ll keep you warm in the cool, and cool in the warm. The same principle goes with the top half; the correct trouser will enable you to play without worrying about the winter conditions.

Island Green’s men’s winter golf trousers are not only stylish, but are also water repellent, wind proof, thermally engineered, and breathable. For such an affordable price, it’d be rude to not take up this offer.

This straightforward guide is going to help you keep warm on the golf course, keep your swing flowing, aid you in tearing up the golf course and push you to get your handicap back on track.

Louis Ambert