When it comes to men’s golf fashion there is a decision to be made: aesthetics or functionality? Do you aim to look the best while risking hypothermia or do you wrap up warm and accept that you won’t be drawing anyone’s attention? These are all questions that need to be answered when stepping out onto the course. Luckily for you, there is a range of men’s golf fashion available on the market. Keep reading our guide to men’s golf fashion and see if you learn a trick or two.

Why does men’s golf fashion matter?

Well, in all honesty, it doesn’t! But then, why does any fashion matter?

People feel better about their game and performance when they feel good about themselves. This is where men’s golf fashion items can have a big part to play. Never mind if your golfing game isn’t quite up to scratch, at least you’ll look good enough in your golfing clothes to ward off any critique.

Make sure to optimise your game

While some people will not be overly phased about looking smart on the course, many want to incorporate a little fashion as well as the promise that they do not get too hot, cold, or wet.

The perfect balance of less but effective layers is what you need to ensure your core body temperature is optimal. Even just a polo top and a mid-layer would be enough for you, provided that they contain the adequate properties. A great example of a piece of clothing that would be useful is a thermal golf jacket.

You want to source a golf jacket that has been made with thermal balancing properties. Many golf jackets are designed to provide warmth in colder weather conditions, and likewise, coolness in warmer conditions.

Looking good on the course

For the golfers who do want to look smart, colour coordination is key to looking your best on the course. Similar colour schemes work perfectly; in contrast, colours such as blue and black don’t work as effectively together.

When shopping for your men’s golf fashion, be sure to consider the colour options available to you. Many men’s golfing fashion brands have a wide range of coloured clothing that can create a sophisticated look when on and off the course.

Premium men’s golf fashion from Island Green

When looking for premium men’s golf fashion, Island Green has a range of unique colour stories which can complement each other on and off the course. Island Green’s latest men's apparel collection focuses on performance fabrics and is cut to help the golfer play their best. The new collection features subtle branding, found throughout the new range, showcasing each garment's refined qualities.

Clean colour stories, innovative fabrication, and a classic fit protects against the elements to deliver enhanced comfort in all playing conditions. Men’s golf fashion is growing and growing and this is why we are here to help you. Check our men’s collection of golf clothing today and see if you can discover a brand new golfing style.

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