You’ve just taken up golf, you want to go out and play, you rock up to the golf course in joggers and a football shirt and you’re greeted with nothing but looks of shame and disgust. Nobody wants this embarrassment, so this is why this guide is here. What to wear golfing, you ask? All you need is a polo top, some golf trousers, and a nice cap. Very simple. Let’s go into more detail.

What to wear when golfing

If you’re a beginner to the golfing world, it can be hard to know what is considered appropriate for the green. As we’ve already mentioned, joggers and a football shirt is definitely a no-go area! If you’re wondering what to wear golfing, you need to invest in some decent, good quality, golf clothing. Start by looking for a polo shirt.

When looking for polo tops, look on the product description for qualities and benefits of THAT certain top. Depending on whether you live in a warm or cool climate, you want to look for a certain kind of material as the material will affect how you feel on the course.

You want to choose a polo shirt that will keep you cool when warm and that will also let sweat evaporate and keep you dry and cool.

Trousers to wear on the green

Now, when it comes to your trousers, you can choose to wear any normal trousers but, in the rain, this will not be comfortable. Your legs will get wet and even wearing another pair of waterproofs over the top will restrict your movements on the course.

An all-weather based trouser will suit you perfectly in all conditions. All-weather golfing trousers are specially designed to be water repellant, wind proof, thermal and made from material to ensure these trousers are wearable for all series.

What to wear golfing in cold weather

So, now it comes to cold weather.

Once the temperatures have dropped and the dreaded winter elements have kicked in, polo tops and trousers will just not cut it. So, now we have to talk about what to wear while golfing in cold weather. One word applies here…thermals.

Yep, you’ve guessed it! You’ve got to keep warm while on the green in winter and there is simply no better way to do this than with thermals. When picking your thermal golf jackets or trousers, you want to ensure you are purchasing clothing that has been designed with insulation technology to shut out the coldwinds. Trust us when we say this, you’ll thank us later when you’re out in the green in the height of winter!

Tee-riffic golf clothing from Island Green

When looking for guidance on what to wear golfing, start with the very best premium golf clothing from Island Green. All of our clothing has been designed to a high standard. Our polo shirts are made from breathable, flexible materials that have moisture wicking properties, which provide the latest technology and fabrics to allow you to perform, feeling unrestricted and protected from the ever-changing elements out on the course.

Not only that, but our thermal golf jackets are made with advanced fabric technologies to help you perform at your best giving you zero restriction allowing freedom of movement. Each thermal jacket contains a fleece lining to keep you comfortable and warm through your round, a true blend of science and style.

The combination of the stretch technical fabric which helps to keep to an optimum temperature means that you're prepared for all weather conditions.

Here at Island Green Golf, your comfort and optimal performance means everything to us, which is why we’ve got the perfect range of golf clothing for you. No matter your gender or your skillset, there is something for everyone at Island Green. Head over to men’s collection and ladies’ collection to find your perfect, yet practical, golfing outfit.

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