We've put together a quick survival guide for the Winter golf season 





1.      Keep your body working

The trick is to increase your metabolism by taking in food or drinks that stimulate the nervous system or get the body to work a bit harder. A couple of cups of strong coffee will do this, but other good options include: green tea, which raises the body temperature and is thought to benefit your blood pressure (drink two or three cups an hour before the round).
Protein also raises body temperature (eat 150g of lean red meat, chicken or pork or drink a 30g protein shake an hour before your round).”


 2.     Invest in a good base layer

Not only will it keep you warm, but if you do start to heat up it will help dissipate the sweat so you don’t freeze when your body temperature drops.

 golf base layer


3. But don’t layer up too much

It’s tempting to raid the wardrobe and put on as much clothing as possible, but too many layers will lead to a hampered swing.


4. Get yourself a good pair of gloves or pocket warmers

Find yourself a pair of winter mitts or hand warmers. Playing golf with frozen hands is really tough. You lose all feel, a thinned iron shot will cause some serious pain, and it just generally isn’t comfortable.

 hand warmers

 5. Keep your golf balls warm

It’s believed that for every ten degrees the temperature drops, a golf ball will carry two yards shorter. Keep them in your pocket as much as possible and even throw a hand warmer in there for extra measure.


6. Wear spikes

Time to sub out the mouldies for the winter - you’re going to need maximum grip, and that means spikes.
Even if you turn up to a frozen golf course which may seem like spikeless conditions, the frost will melt and the fairways will become wet.


7. Invest in quality waterproofs

Waterproofs are obviously useful for when it rains, but they also stop the wind permeating your clothing.
Make sure you invest in a decent pair so they do what they are meant to. It's no fun finding out your waterproof is in fact not waterproof, and rather a sponge, after six holes. 

waterproof jacket


8. Introduce a friend to golf

World champion triathletes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee always train together. Why? Two reasons. It inspires them, and it’s far tougher to back out if you know someone else will be there.
If you want to keep working on your game this winter, don’t do it alone – ask that friend who has been making noises about trying golf to come with you. Their presence will entertain and inspire you, and then who knows? Come spring you might just have a new partner.


9. Use a golf simulator

Golf simulators are a great way to help your game and let’s face it – practising indoors is a lot more appealing. Although indoor simulators aren’t great for putting, they are fantastic for driving and iron shots.



 golf simulator




10. Change your strategy, and your expectations

There’s no point getting frustrated with your scores or your driving distances in the winter. You need to factor in you will not get as much roll as in summer, the greens will probably be shambolic, and your body will be cold and not working at a premium.
Don't try and play the course the same way you would in the winter. You'll need to plot a new path and try different shots. Be creative with it.



Hope these tips help and have fun on the course! ⛳



Island Green