Goodbye Summer and hello Winter. Unfortunately, it is time to put away the sun cream and brush down the mittens, as the winter season is settling in. If you’re keen to keep up with your golfing hobby, keeping warm on the course is going to be essential. We all know that winter is time to get the fire started and get the kettle on; but not for us golfers. You’re more likely to find us outside tackling the wind, rain, and baltic conditions.

In all seriousness, we need to discuss the importance of keeping warm whilst out on the course. What to wear to get the best out of your game during the challenging winter conditions is an important consideration. One such item of clothing that can ensure the temperature swing does not get in the way of your golf swing are thermal golf jackets, and in this article, we look at how a good thermal can tee you up for the perfect winter round.

Keep warming yourself on the course

When playing golf in the winter, you’re bound to experience sharp winds and ice-numbed hands, making your time on the course challenging. To counteract the elements, you’ve got to ensure you’re fully prepared for your winter golfing experience.

While layers upon layers may seem like the first plan of action, this may not be the best idea. Layering up is only going to hinder your performance; your range of motion is going to be limited, and you are going to feel uncomfortable.

So instead, you need to consider the alternative options available to you in terms of clothing. You should start by looking into what is the best winter golf jacket for you. When you are looking for jackets, you want lightweight fabrics that bring warmth, comfort, and have waterproof layers.

It is crucial that you are warm when playing golf in winter. As it goes with any hobby or sport, if you are cold, your performance will be hindered, as will your concentration levels. You want to ensure that your golf clothing is comfortable and fitted so that it won’t hamper your swing. Start thinking about warm socks, thermal golf jackets, and even beanie hats.

The best winter golf jackets from Island Green Golf

When it comes to shopping for winter-appropriate golfing gear, Island Green has got you covered; the latest technologies have been encapsulated in our thermal golf jackets to ensure that you can counteract the brutal elements of the winter.

The synthetic fibre insulation technology delivers outstanding warmth-to-weight performance. The windproof fibre insulator outer fabric shuts out the cold wind and boosts the insulation performance. Complete with its brushed back, stretch fleece, and waist adjustable pull cord at its sides, it is an excellent combination for those colder days when you don't want to wear a heavy jacket but need extra warmth without the restriction of movement.

The importance of being warm and comfortable during winter play

Just because winter has arrived, it doesn't mean that you have to stop playing your beloved game of golf. It simply means that you should spend some time looking into and researching the best winter golf clothing. You want to source the very best winter golf jackets and pants, particularly thermal golf jackets. Warmth and comfort is the key to keeping yourself at the top of your game.

Just remember, less is more if you choose the right thermal golf jacket; the winter weather will be the least of your worries when you’re wrapped up warmly on the course.

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