When it comes to golf, whether you’re a pro golfer who knows the sport inside-out, or are a complete beginner who wants pick up the sport, there are a million reasons why golf is one of the world’s most beloved sport!

We narrowed it down to 10 that we think are worth considering:


 1. Golf is good for your health

With an average of 4 miles, up-hill, downhill, on sand, in thick rough and all sorts of terrains, all that walking helps to lower cholesterol and prevent heart diseases, stroke or diabetes.

 2. It improves your social life

If you’re looking to expand your social circle, golf is for you! When a golfer joins a friend for an 18 hole game, they’re guaranteed three to four hours of fun! If a golfer starts a course alone, a golfer has a chance to meet someone new on the course and spend an afternoon getting to know them. Golf clubs also hold competitions which forge strong relationships both on the green and at the club house.


3. It’s actually fun 

No round of golf is ever the same. The conditions are never the same, the company is never the same. There is always a new course to play, best score to beat or a new terrain to negotiate. Every single round is different and that’s why we love it!


4. Versatility 

You can play on your own or with up to three people at one time. You can practice at the club, in the garden, the living room, just about anywhere.


5. Nature

Warm sunny days on a green course, set against mountains, near lakes and even the sea, can make it an ideal way to spend time in nature.


6. No age limits

When it comes to golf there is genuinely no age limit! Tiger Woods started playing golf at 2, and the world’s oldest golfer is 103! Golf is enjoyed by people of all ages which is unseen in most sports. This also means professional careers last longer, and that it’s never too late to pick up a golf club and start learning 😊


7. Business

A round of golf can be the perfect substitute for a business meeting in a boardroom! Who wouldn’t prefer discussing business in a more relaxed atmosphere out in nature rather than across a large table surrounded by 4 walls?


8. Anyone can play

Golf may be one of the most democratic sports of all, and that’s because the real opponent isn’t another player but rather it’s the course. The playing field is the same for every player and your success depends on your ability to get through that course. Whether you’re tall or short, young or old, man or woman, the playing field is fair and square to everyone.


9. It’s challenging as well as rewarding

Golf offers you a challenge each time you play. You are constantly trying to achieve a better score and others in your group challenge you to play better. Yes, there obstacles and courses can make the play frustrating and agonising at times, but that is why it’s even more rewarding when you get through it.


10. Character

Playing any sport builds character, but golf provides a chance to be an introspective during the process. It’s a slower-moving game. When you aren’t playing as well as others and become frustrated, or need to figure out your next strategic move, you have plenty of time to think about how to handle that frustration and time to plan the next move. You find a way of coping, and that coping skill spills into other areas of your life.



Let us know which reasons inspired you to start playing:) 



    Island Green