Double Canopy 62" Golf Umbrella


Island Green 62" Golf Umbrella

Island Green have designed the IGUMB1974 golf umbrella. With it's 62" double layer with vent, this umbrella is made with a fibre glass frame, automatic spring opening and rubber handle. The Island Green logo is proudly and largely printed on the umbrella and comes with an umbrella sleeve with shoulder strap to make it easier to carry around. Perfect to seek shelter from the sun, and for protection against harsher weather conditions with its metal top stop for added strength.  


  • Fibre Glass Frame
  • 62" Double Layer with Vent
  • Automatic Spring Opening
  • Rubber Handle
  • Large Printed Logo Design
  • Umbrella Sleeve with Shoulder Strap for ease of carrying
  • Double Strap Fastener to the Umbrella
  • Metal Top Stop for added strength
  • Made from 100% Polyester