Auto-Open Double Canopy 66" Golf Umbrella


Island Green Golf IGUMB2136 Double Canopy Umbrella

Island Green have designed the IGUMB2136 66" Double Canopy Golf Umbrella. This 66" dual canopy umbrella is perfect for on ourse off course weather conditions. With a double canopy and robust frame that can battle the strongest of windy weather conditions. Additionally with a sleek fibreglass shaft and non-slip moulded handle, created the ideal large umbrella an essential item for all families.


  • Giving you 66" wide umbrella protecting you from the rain
  • Additionally with a double canopy and robust frame that can withstand the stongest of weather conditions
  • With a sleek fibreglass shaft
  • With a non-slip moulded handle
  • Automatic Spring Opening
  • Material: 100% Polyester